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Marine Information Service

Various types of information related to oceans and seas, namely, map information related to geomorphology, such as soundings, isobaths, sea bottom quality, etc., aquatic information related to sea water, such as water temperature, salinity, currents, tidal currents, tides, etc., and astronomical information related to daily almanac, such as sunrise and sunset hours, moonrise and moonset hours, moon age, etc., are provided to those interested peoples and organizations, such as peoples enjoying marine leisure, ship operators and pilots, marine research organizations of enterprises, universities and other independent administrative corporations. This service will positively be promoted by the Association so that the information may be further utilized fully and effectively.

So that many people may become familiar with the sea and enjoy a favor of the sea, JHA constantly opens the consultation window (Marine Information Service Office), and offers such service as issuing a calendar for shellfish gathering to promote enlightening of marine knowledge.

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