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Nautical Charts

For navigatonal safety and efficiency, details of coastal topography, soundings and shoals as well as positions of aids to navigation and currents and tidal currents, etc. are charted.

Differences between "W Charts"&"JP Charts"

Basic Maps of Sea (Coastal)

Consist of two types, Submarine Topographic Charts and Submarine Structural Charts. They cover the coastal waters of Japan with scale of 1/50,000 and 1/10,000 series.

Yachting Charts (Y Chart)

B3 size multiple-colored charts incorporating the updated navigational information from offshore to coastal areas such as landmarks, courses, obstructions, etc. for mariners maneuvering pleasure boats.

S Guide Images(Download)

Digital handy booklets considering of reference charts plainly indicating such maritime information that are not usually shown in details on nautical charts, e.g. landmarks, shipping courses, obstructions, marin information, etc. in and around small ports and yachting harbors.