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Sailing Directions

Miscellaneous Publications

These are hydrographic publications other than Sailing Directions.  Some of them are used together with nautical charts, and some others are used independently.

They describe various data and information useful for navigation, such as conditions of passages, aids to navigation, tidal and current predictions at main ports and narrow straits, astronomical positions of planets and fixed starts necessary for fixing ship's positions, etc.

Product List

List of Miscellaneous Publications

Relating to Pub. No. Title
Passages, ports and harbours 401 Ocean Passage Pilot
402 Coastwise Passage Pilot
405 Distance Table
Aids to navigation 411 List of Aids to Navigation Vol.1 (In Japan)
412 List of Aids to Navigation Vol.2 (Outside Japan)
Tides and tidal currents 781 Tide Tables, Vol. 1 (In Japan)
782 Tide Tables, Vol. 2 (Outside Japan)
Astronomical navigation 601 Astronomical Navigation Table
681 Nautical Almanac
683 Abridged Nautical Almanac
684 Japanese Ephemeris [Not Available]
Others 801 Manual for Use of Charts and Publications
900 Catalogue of Charts and Publications (Japanese version)
901 Catalogue of Charts and Publications (English version)

Note: All publications except No.901 are Japanese versions.