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Sailing Directions

This is a book describing detailed information on various maritime and related conditions such as weather at sea, passages and fairways, ports and harbors and coastal waters, etc. to supplement the contents of nautical charts.? It is to be used in parallel with nautical charts.

For Sailing Directions, there are "Sailing Directions for Domestic Waters" containing descriptions covering the Japanese waters and adjacent seas and "Sailing Directions for Foreign Waters covering the Coast of Korea to the Malacca Strait and adjacent waters of Indonesia.

Sailing Directions
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List of Sailing Directions

Sailing Directions for Domestic Waters

Compiled on the basis of data and information collected from the surveys, observations and investigations carried out by the Japan Coast Guard as well as from other sources.? This publication is to be revised every 5 years.? In order to keep its contents up-to-date, a Supplement is to be issued every year.
There are a Japanese version and an English version of this publication.

  Pub. No. Title
Japanese Version 101 S. & E. Coasts of Honshu Pilot
102 NW Coast of Honshu Pilot
103 Seto Naikai Pilot
104 Coast of Hokkaido Pilot
105 Coast of Kyushu Pilot
English Version 301 Sailing Directions for South & East Coasts of Honshu
302 Sailing Directions for Northwest Coast of Honshu
303 Sailing Directions for Seto Naikai
304 Sailing Directions for Coast of Hokkaido
305 Sailing Directions for Coast of Kyushu

Sailing Directions for Foreign Waters

They are covering the seas extending from the Coast of Korea to the Malacca Strait and adjacent waters of Indonesia, compiled from Admiralty and U.S. Pilots as well as from those of sovereign countries concerned, with additional data and information.

Pub. No. Title
202 Coast of Korea Pilot
203 Coasts of China and Taiwan Pilot
204 South China Sea and Malacca Strait Pilot
205 Philippine Is. Pilot
207 Jawa Sea Pilot

Note: Japanese version only.